Saturday, July 17, 2010

We should ridicule people who believe in god.

It's time we started to ridicule people who believe in god.
It is like believing in a giant pixie king and is such a ludicrous concept that people who choose to believe in a higher power should be laughed out of town.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Does Islam make people violent?

I recently watched the short film by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders.
It’s posted at

Islam, like all religions has been created by humans and because Islam is strongest in a part of the world that is still somewhat of a “frontier” land its religion reflects that. By western standards the Middle East has a rather lawless and barbaric side to it. You can ignore this if you wish but it’s still true. How many people were beheaded in the west by westerners in the last few years?

The problem is however cause and effect.

Does Islam make people violent?

Or is Islam violent because it’s a creation of violent people?

I suggest the latter.

If I pick up a rock from the ground that rock has no violence in it. If however, I swing it through the air and land a cracking blow to someones head and they die they were just killed by a rock.
Except of course they weren’t killed by a rock at all. The rock was merely a tool, an inanimate object possessing all the attributes of a weapon but only became a weapon in the hands of a violent person.

Islam is a violent religion because it was written by and is now practiced by violent people.
Some violent people.

It’s the people that are the problem and blaming everything on a religion is like blaming a rock.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

When you know you've won.

You know when you have won an argument with a believer?

It’s when they say one of two things. Either they know they have lost the argument (Which they ALWAYS DO) and they call you arrogant.

The choice therefore becomes this.


If I have to choose one or the other I certainly choose arrogant.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not at all arrogant but if dems da choices that’s mine.

The other clear sign that you’ve won is when they pathetically bring up Pasqual’s Wager.

I do this. I write these two things on a piece of paper at the outset and have someone hold it while the argument is under way. When I have beaten my opponent into a pitiful loss and they are sniveling on the floor with tears in their eyes, whimpering about arrogance or Pasqual’s Wager and hoping for a miracle from their non existent god, I smile triumphantly ask the piece of paper to be read.

You know, now that I think about it, maybe I am arrogant.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Excellent News!!

I blogged about something like this in April of 2006.

"Become a plaintiff in the greatest mass filing of lawsuits the earth has ever seen."

Have you ever purchased a religious product or service? Ever paid a "tithe", sowed a "faith seed", or given a "love gift"? Ever donated money to a church, ministry, religious leader, or televangelist? Missed out on an inheritance, because a parent or relative gave money or willed their estate to a church, religion, or religious leader?
Has a religion, church, or televangelist made any false, misleading, or deceptive claims or representations? Statements that may have influenced your decision to purchase a product or service ... or to give your money?
It's time to get your money back.

Vists the website.

I really hope this works.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A one word description of believers.

There is a word that perfectly describes people who believe in god.

It’s not a bad word but it’s certainly not a good one either. This word is not by any means a swear word in fact I’ve used it before in an affectionate way to describe friends.

I wouldn’t want this word directed at me but I’m sure that there have been times in the past when it could have been and I would have temporally deserved it.

The word is Gullible.

To believe all the fairy tale stories religious people are required to believe they must have a very high gullibility level.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Immortality. It just goes on too long.

As I argued with someone recently that god is a man made myth, created by humans for various reasons it slowly began to dawn on me why this person had no intention of believing any of my points.

For them to do so, they would have to give up the greatest belief of all.


They simply were not able to accept that this life is all we have and that when we die that’s IT!

They would listen to my evidence, logic and reason with a completely deaf hear allowing nothing I said to permeate their indoctrinated mind.

As an atheist I know that I need to enjoy this life because it’s all I have.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mother Theresa's doubts.

The actor Tim Robbins was heard to defend Mother Theresa when, on his television show, Bill Maher brought up the subject of her recent diary admissions that she had doubts about the existence of god.

Tim Robbins quoted the line of all the faithful that, in effect states “To be faithful is by definition to be doubtful and that all religious people have, at one time or another, had doubts.”

This is fine if you a member of the public but if you are a member of an organization that collects money from people based on your teachings and sermons about the existence of god you had better have no doubts at all.


You can’t take money from people and be unsure if god even exists. That is called “swindling” As a church leader, as soon as you hear a little voice in your head say “Is this all a croc? Is there really a god or is my whole life based on a lie?” you need to either announce that to your congregation so they can make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to keep funding your lifestyle or immediately resign.

If you keep these doubts to yourself you are taking other peoples money under false pretenses. A very serious crime indeed.

Mother Theresa was, at the very least, a hypocrite. She had her own private misgivings but kept them to herself and let the Catholic church keep collecting their weekly offerings.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why gods zombie hoards hate gays.

I met a gay person recently. Nicest person you could ever meet and the first one I have ever really talked to about life, god and the universe and I came to this conclusion. The reason religious people believe that homosexuality is a personal choice is because, if it’s not, it throws all their beliefs about god being omnipotent into doubt.

If it’s not a choice that means one of two things:
Either god created them that way and that means that he obviously condones homosexuality or

He didn’t create them that way and that means that god is not infallible. He makes mistakes.

Neither one of these is acceptable to the religious and so it has to be the fault of the gay person. It was very clear to me that my homosexual friend had no control over what turned him on. His best friend is an extremely attractive blond girl who made my pulse rate rise and my heart rate soar. Two physical things over which I had no control at all. But for him she was simply a friend. He neither had nor ever wanted to have any sexual contact with her even though he loves her dearly as a friend.

Man cuts off his penis ‘to stop him sinning’

31 August 2007
SALAMANCA – A man cut off his own penis and threw it in a toilet ‘so he would stop sinning’.
The 30-year-old was recovering in the Hospital Clinico Universitario in Salamanca in western Spain.
Doctors said his condition was ‘stable’ and he was not in danger of losing his life.
The man, from Salamanca, cut off his penis with a knife on Thursday morning.
The local newspaper La Gaceta reported when relatives called emergency services, he told ambulance workers he did it “so would not sin any more”.

Read the story here:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007

New item for sale on eBay soon.

Up for auction is a guaranteed place in heaven.
As a close personal friend of Jesus and someone who talks to him every day I am in the unique position of being able to offer you a place at his side for all eternity. Don’t worry about where you will spend your afterlife because of a few Earthly indiscretions committed during your youth (or even recently). A good word from me will assure your place right next to Jesus and just a stones throw from God himself. In fact, once I have put your name on the list, you can continue to perform all the indiscretions you want.

Learn to play the harp as one of Jesus’ favored few. Sing hymns in perfect pitch all day every day. Don’t worry about going to the bathroom ever again. And men, those nasty erections will be a thing of the past.

You could go to church every Sunday and spend tens of thousands of dollars and countless boring hours ensuring your place in the after life but why bother? Stay home and watch TV instead, comfortable in the knowledge that when you finally shed your mortal coil you’ll ascend to heaven on a fast track to the savior himself.

Of course if Jesus isn’t your particular deity I also know Allah, Buddha and many others.

This offer is absolutely and unconditionally guaranteed and if, in the unlikely event, you don’t make it to heaven I offer a full and complete refund. No questions asked.

What have you got to loose?

<-------- End Ebay Auction -------->

Follow the thread here at

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I laughed so hard I couldn't see straight!

This is not what this blog is about at all but I thought you might get as big a laugh from this as I did!


By Richard Harter

Q: What is the principle evidence for Creationism?
A: The Holy Bible, of course. After all, is it likely that the author of the Universe would be mistaken about its age?

Q: But isn’t the Bible religion and not science?
A: Truth is truth. It’s a poor sort of science that ignores truth.

Q: But isn’t there a lot of evidence for evolution?
A: Not really, most of it is from university professors writing papers for each other. If they didn’t write papers they wouldn’t have jobs.

Q: How big was Noah’s ark?
A: Big enough.

Q: But what about radioactive dating?
A: Hey, everybody knows that stuff is bad for you. Stick with good Christian girls.

Q: What about the fossil evidence?
A: The real fossils are university professors writing papers for each other.

Q: Is there any other evidence for creationism besides the Bible?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you give us some?
A: Yes.

Q: Could you give us a specific example?
A: Yes.

Q: What would be a specific example of evidence for Creationism?
A: I’ve already answered that question.

Q: What about the Antarctic ice core data?
A: Now I put it to you. Coop up a bunch of men in a Quonset hut in the worst weather in the world, with nothing to do but gather data and drink, and what do you expect?

Q: Did the dinosaurs coexist with man?
A: Look, the liberals were preaching coexistence with the Communists, and you saw what happened to them.

Q: Should Creationism be taught along with Evolution in the schools?
A: Creationism should be taught instead of Evolution in the schools.

Q: Doesn’t the Geologic Column prove that the Earth is very old?
A: The geologic column proves that some things are on top of other things and some things are underneath other things. But we already knew that, didn’t we.

Q: Hasn’t evolution been demonstrated in the Laboratory?
A: Students are demonstrating everywhere these days. To their shame, many professors are demonstrating also.

Q: Aren’t Hawiian wallabies an example of Evolution in action?
A: No.

Q: Why not?
A: Because they aren’t.

Q: What is a kind?
A: A kind is cards of the same rank. Thus 4 aces and a king are four of a kind, but four spades and a heart are not.

Q: Doesn’t genetic variation indicate that life has been going on a long time?
A: Let’s be up front about this. That’s deviation, not variation, and yes, there is a lot of deviancy out there. That just shows that there has been a lot of Sin since the garden of Eden.

Q: What about Neanderthal Man?
A: Hey, you take one of those geezers and put him in tweeds and give him a pipe and he could be a professor anywhere.

Q: Some scientists state that the earth’s continents are drifting around on top of a molten interior which has shaped life as we see it now. Are they right?
A: As you well know the Bible says that beneath the surface of the earth is Hell where there is eternal fires and brimstone. If the continents appear to be moving around that is Satan’s doing.

Q: Why do almost all of the scientists believe in Evolution?
A: The real scientists don’t. As for the rest of them, that’s a very good question, isn’t it?

Q: Are you talking about a Satanic conspiracy?
A: Did I say anything about a conspiracy? You might want to think about the shape the world is in since the Evolutionists and the Liberal Humanists captured academia and how Evolution is hand in hand with Godless Communism and crime in the streets but I certainly wouldn’t want to say anything about a Satanic conspiracy. I just want you to think about it with an open mind.

Richard Harter is an eclectic auto-didact, a man of letters and software. By turns a mathematician, a software maven, and an entrepeneur, he has retired to the wilds where he tends his garden and his web site. He has a keen interest in science, the philosophy of science, and science fiction, and professes to have the wit not to confuse the three

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My CNN I report on "How strong is your faith?"

We all live by faith. Everyone of us. As an atheist I have faith in all kinds of things because faith is believing in something for which there is no proof.

I have no proof that pixies don’t exist but I have faith that they don’t. Just like I have faith that there are no invisible fairies hiding in the clouds. There is an endless number of things for which we have no proof. Most people believe that their spouse is not cheating on them. We don’t have solid proof that they are not because we can’t watch their actions 24 hours a day (nor should we of course) which is why, if they have been cheating, it’s called being un-faithful.

What I refuse to do is have faith in something for which there is no proof at all. God for example.
With a spouse there is a track record that one can refer back to. She or he has told you on many occasions that they love only you and that there is no one else and their actions toward you indicate that is true. If you start to see evidence to the contrary your faith in your spouse will start to slip.

I have never seen a pixie and there is no recorded evidence of human-pixie contact. Unless of course you believe some story books.

I have never seen god and there is no recorded evidence of human-god contact. Unless of course you believe some story books such as the Bible and the Koran etc.

There is enormous amount of evidence that shows mankind has, all through out our history, created many many gods to explain things that we simply didn’t understand because our comprehension of the natural world was limited. Things like thunder, lightning, the northern lights, earthquakes. These are all things that we know now are just natural events of weather and plate tectonics but to early humans they couldn’t have been anything else than a god or gods.

Rain is another superb example. We need water to live and we have to carry it back to our villages. It’s heavy. We also know that it falls from out of the sky. That would be, to people with no understanding of water vapour and clouds, proof that there is something up there capable of holding all that weight until it’s time to let it fall to earth.

I win all the discussions I have against with people who believe in god and their entire argument always comes down to one thing. Pasqual’s wager.

Submit your report to CNN here:

Monday, August 27, 2007

Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a stick.

Ahhhh .. that felt good!
I just needed to blashpheme for a moment!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I predict another attack.

I predict that. Sometime before the next election, we are in for an attack similar to 911.

It won’t be as dramatic and devastating as the destruction of the World Trade Center towers but I won’t need to be.

All Bush has to do this time is kill everyone in a McDonalds.

That will be enough for him to terrify the nation into voting Republican.

He knows that he has so destroyed the country’s support for Republicans that something drastic has to happen.
I’m not accusing the Bush regime of being behind the 911 atrocity but here’s the thing. The fact that I found myself taking the accusation seriously and pondering it shocked me. I suddenly realized that contemplating the evidence as even a possibility spoke volumes. After all the terrible things this president has done to America, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights It was not beyond the realm of possibility that Bush, and his dark puppet master Cheney, could orchestrate a “false flag” attack on their own country.

Were they behind 911? - I just don’t know.
Was it something they could have done? - I have to answer with a whispered “Yes”

So, to my prediction, sometime in April or May of 2008, somewhere in Americas heartland, a “terrorist” will kill himself and everyone else in a fast food restaurant. Or maybe it will be an attack on a train station or perhaps a library. It will have to be shocking enough to cause panic in the populace but not so horrific that the stock markets collapse. After all, that’s the only reason Bush was placed in the position of President. To generate huge amounts of money for his corporate overlords.

I am very reluctant to publish this because if it does happen, then me and my little blog will suddenly become prime suspect number 1.

I ask again. Where is the outrage? Where are all the decent Americans who want to restore their country to the shinning city on the hill that it should be?

If, after everything that has happened to this country and to the world, you still support Bush and the Republicans you are an absolute fucking idiot!

And remember, I used to be a republican! That was before I realised how insidious they are of course. I am certainly not a Democrat but what else is there?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Unbelievable! Un-fucking-believable!!!

This is from April 1994.

Tell every bugger you know about this.

These filthy bastard Republicans need to be in jail!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back into the fray.


I’m getting back into the fray.

I can no longer drive past churches filled with cars on a Sunday morning and remain silent.
I can no longer listen to the stupid declarations of news casters on Fox news and not get angry.
I can no longer watch the devolution of our species as hysteria over imaginary gods takes hold without fighting back.

I am now going to fight back.

I was at a friends house recently enjoying a lovely afternoon when I saw that she had a curious book on the floor near her coffee table. It was entitled “A Christian Agenda”
- A Game Plan For A New Era - by Marlin Maddoux and Christopher Corbet.
Giving her the benefit of the doubt I never for a second believed that she would read such a thing, even though she does profess to believe in god. And I was right. She had bought it to resell on eBay.

I idly started reading the small paperback and after about 20 minutes a silent rage swept over me and the next thing I knew the book was in two halves, one in each of my hands.

I looked up at my friend, who had not witnessed the destruction of her book, with an obviously guilty look on my face because she inquired as to what was wrong. I didn’t say anything. Instead I simply tossed the two halves of the destroyed book on to the carpet before her. To my great relief she greeted the news with loud and long laughter.

It felt good.

I have never, ever, criticized someone for destroying a book because there is an enormous difference between destroying a book and destroying books. Plural. A single book is no more worthy of protection than a gaudy china statue of a pig dancing in a frilly dress. In fact one of my favourite pastimes now is to browse second hand shops, flea markets and garage sales for religious books, knick knacks and paraphernalia to take home and smash.

People can destroy books if they want. So long as they own them. I didn’t own this one and I therefore owe my friend an apology. My intention is to continue her plan and sell it on eBay.

The important difference between destroying a book and destroying books is who is doing it. If it’s an individual or a group of individuals that’s fine. If it’s the state that’s bad.

If you want to throw a copy of the Koran into a toilet I applaud your judgment. I would simply suggest that you be fair about it and throw copies of the bible in there also along with any other holy book you might own.

If hearing this upsets you and if you believe in god I make this promise to you. If you ever want to debate the existence of your supreme being with me I will win.

That is not such a boastful claim as it first might appear because quite simply I have all the logic, reason and evidence on my side. You have nothing. NOTHING.
You have no logic.
You have no reason.
And you have absolutely no evidence.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Good Slogan.

I just came across this slogan at (a Cafepress site)

"Any belief worth having must survive doubt"

And of course god and the bible does not.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I really am getting exhausted!

As I sit in my car at a traffic light my gaze wanders sideways to the person in the vehicle next to me, staring intently at the light waiting for permission to proceed with their life or I’ll find myself sitting in the barbers shop idly watching the other punters waiting for a haircut. And as I walk through the grocery store or the shopping mall I notice various shoppers walking busily past and I think to myself “well…. They all look normal”.

But, I remind myself, looks can be deceiving.

Most of these people will get up early this Sunday morning, (a time when everyone should sleep until well past 10 unless they have a plane to catch) put on their best clothes, pile all their children into the car and drive across town to participate in a huge celebration of nothing. In fact as I think about it, celebration is the wrong word. Their own word is much more suitable. They go to worship nothing.

They have all bought into this enormous myth of an afterlife and that they must please the fictitious gatekeeper so he’ll let them in.

It is a culture of death. They worship a man who supposedly died for us. The Catholics even wear jewelry that depicts him nailed to a cross. They live their entire lives focused upon their death. Everything they say and do is geared towards that final day. Their every waking moment is spent in a constant struggle to be prepared for their death.

Live life people!

It’s a fantastic thing and no one should have to go through life worrying about what comes next because nothing does! We die and become soil from which new stuff grows. It’s a beautiful thing!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another look at morals and god.

I hear atheists argue all the time that they don’t need god to provide them with a strong moral code and that morals and the ability to know right from wrong have nothing to do with god, the bible or any religious teachings. They are completely man-made.

They argue forcefully that morals are the obvious result of an evolutionary need to assist others around them and that their well being is closely tied to that of the tribe at large. Their logic is both compelling and reasonable as they point out that primitive humans had a vested interest in helping each other prepare, for a hunting party for instance, and if one of them needed assistance in any way it was in everyone’s self interest to help that other person.

I also hear the logical argument that tribes were fairly small, and that unlike today’s modern cities, if you treated someone badly you were likely to see them everyday of your life and so things could become very difficult for you on a daily basis. This meant that your self interest was advanced by behaving well towards others.

What I don’t hear atheists point out is that this supposedly wonderful guide to morals called the Bible was written by humans. There is obviously no such creature called god and that everything in the Bible was written by men. There was no divine inspiration that guided the hands of the various authors it was simply a bunch of mischief making scholars who collaborated on a huge work of fiction in which you have to spend an enormous amount of time trying to tease out meanings that might be a guide to right and wrong from passages that are quite honestly gibberish.
Even the 10 commandments are not at all clear considering that they show up in a couple of different places and are totally different each time.

I’m getting exhausted.

It is mind boggling that grown ups in the 21st Century still believe in this massive fairy tale.

Christians should to be ridiculed! They ought to be openly laughed at and, quite honestly, made to wear a Dunce Cap and told to sit in the corner with their other religious friends until they can behave themselves and to leave the thinking to those more capable of doing it properly.