Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why gods zombie hoards hate gays.

I met a gay person recently. Nicest person you could ever meet and the first one I have ever really talked to about life, god and the universe and I came to this conclusion. The reason religious people believe that homosexuality is a personal choice is because, if it’s not, it throws all their beliefs about god being omnipotent into doubt.

If it’s not a choice that means one of two things:
Either god created them that way and that means that he obviously condones homosexuality or

He didn’t create them that way and that means that god is not infallible. He makes mistakes.

Neither one of these is acceptable to the religious and so it has to be the fault of the gay person. It was very clear to me that my homosexual friend had no control over what turned him on. His best friend is an extremely attractive blond girl who made my pulse rate rise and my heart rate soar. Two physical things over which I had no control at all. But for him she was simply a friend. He neither had nor ever wanted to have any sexual contact with her even though he loves her dearly as a friend.

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