Saturday, March 29, 2008

Does Islam make people violent?

I recently watched the short film by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders.
It’s posted at

Islam, like all religions has been created by humans and because Islam is strongest in a part of the world that is still somewhat of a “frontier” land its religion reflects that. By western standards the Middle East has a rather lawless and barbaric side to it. You can ignore this if you wish but it’s still true. How many people were beheaded in the west by westerners in the last few years?

The problem is however cause and effect.

Does Islam make people violent?

Or is Islam violent because it’s a creation of violent people?

I suggest the latter.

If I pick up a rock from the ground that rock has no violence in it. If however, I swing it through the air and land a cracking blow to someones head and they die they were just killed by a rock.
Except of course they weren’t killed by a rock at all. The rock was merely a tool, an inanimate object possessing all the attributes of a weapon but only became a weapon in the hands of a violent person.

Islam is a violent religion because it was written by and is now practiced by violent people.
Some violent people.

It’s the people that are the problem and blaming everything on a religion is like blaming a rock.

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